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Psychiatric treatment

We provide affordable and quality community-based mental health services to disadvantaged people at the grassroots. It includes assessment, diagnosis, prescription of medication, and therapy (individual, group or family). This is done by our skilled multi-disciplinary team of volunteers which includes psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists.

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Mental health Advocacy

As part of our efforts to raise awareness on important mental health illnesses, we have partnered with PDO Kenya in an initiative called #Pepea. The initiative provides a safe and youth-friendly space for young men and women (aged 18-30 years) living with psychosocial disabilities.  Apart from providing psychiatric and psychological interventions, the initiative has incorporated a psychosocial support system for its members which has been effective in tackling the stigma associated with mental health.

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Peer support

We provide peer-based programs in form of support groups. This brings together people with similar circumstances or mental illnesses to share experiences, challenges and coping strategies. It offers people a chance to be a part of a support system through peer-to-peer mentorship.

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Helpline services:

We provide FREE emotional support and respond to people in crisis situations by assessing their immediate circumstances, providing short-term counseling and linking where necessary. This is done in a human and empathetic way through online and face-to-face interactions.

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